Congratulations on purchasing our Water Proof Laser Paper !

Now that you have purchased our product here are a few hints on handling and storage. The good news is our paper is made of a synthetic material that does not require a lot of attention. But keep in mind the following.

1- Allow our TRX Waterproof laser paper 24 hours to acclimate to the environment in which they will be printing . Make sure the carton is open and any plastic removed.

2- Fan the sheets gently before placing in the feed drawer

3- Try to handle the sheets by the edges to prevent scratching

4- Do not guillotine the trim sheets prior to imaging ; this may cause misfeeds

5- When finished with project return any unused paper to its packaging

NOTE: Static buildup may occur on long runs which may interfere with running and stacking. In addition, minimal side to side color shifts may be visible when auto duplexing