TRX Waterproof Laser Paper vs Lamination

 Cost Comparison

"More cost effective than Lamination"

TRX Waterproof Laser Paper is clearly a more durable,waterproof,tear resistant product , and is also faster than laminating.For many users,especially those with applications where lamination is being considered more for the look and feel of it rather than durability,the final decision often comes down to the cost of laminating versus the cost of using our paper instead. Below is a cost comparison that illustrates that TRX Waterproof Laser Paper, in addition to being more durable ,user friendly product is also the most cost effective.

 Cost of :                   TRX Waterproof Laser Paper        Lamination

Laser printing cost                                      $ .05                                                $ .05 (1)
Polyester/paper cost                                      .53                                                   .02 (2)
Lamination Material Cost                               N/A                                                   .75 (3) 
Lamination Labor Cost                                  N/A                                                   .25 (4) 
Total time required                                         5 minutes                                      140 minutes
Estimated cost per piece                            $ .58                                                $ 1.07


(1) Assuming Labor $20/hour
(2) Assuming 100 sheets
(3) Cost per pouch of lamination film ,machine cost and maintenance
(4) Labor cost to print and laminate 100 sheets

Other factors to consider:

 1- Cost of laminating machine,maintenance and operation .
 2-Customer will have to wait several hours to allow fuser oil to evaporate before they can laminate

Disadvantages of Lamination process :

1- DELAMINATION- a water based defect that causes paper to split apart
2- WRINKLES- Occurs when operator laminates to quickly and without proper care
3- FRAYED EDGES- water attacks the paper then splits the edges
4- WARMUP- no more waiting for warm up.
5- SERVICE CALLS- eliminates the costly service calls due to incorrect film loading
6- MIL THICKNESS- Lower level laminating machines are limited in MIL thickness