Choosing the right Waterproof Laser Paper product :

Our TRX Waterproof Laser Paper often replaces standard paper. To see why, it may be helpful to understand the various thicknesses that are available, and how they compare to the paper you are currently using for your particular application.The paper equivalent guide helps to illustrate  these comparisons, making it easier for you to select the appropriate waterproof laser paper product.

                                                                      Paper Equivalency Guide

TRX Waterproof Laser Paper Weight                                                      Paper Equivalent

 3.7 MIL                                                                                      20# Bond
 4.7 MIL                                                                                      24# Bond
                  5.7 MIL                                                                                      32# Ledger/80# Text
 7.4 MIL                                                                                      100# Tag
 7.7 MIL                                                                                      100# Tag
    8.0 MIL                                                                                       90# Index 
    10.7 MIL                                                                                     80# Cover 
    13.7 MIL                                                                                      100# Cover

Note: These are approximate paper equivalents for the various waterproof laser paper products , based on the comparison micrometer readings for the various papers to the caliper of the TRX Waterproof Laser products.